Quoting Prices

People call everyday asking for price quotes on the various metals we buy and we are happy to give them quotes but quotes come with 2 potential issues.

1. Not everyone who calls us has a real understanding of what they have. There are many grades of copper, steel, aluminum and other metals and unless you have a very good understanding of what you're selling then we're not going to be able to give you an accurate quote. For example: what most people call #1 copper is actually copper wire. #1 copper is most commonly clean copper pipe and tubing. What people commonly call #1 copper wire is bare bright and is worth more than #1 copper.

2. Unless we tell you otherwise, quoted prices are only good for that day only. We can't control what mills and speculators are willing to pay and to prevent losses we sell-off our inventory often.

So please understand that quotes on materials are usually good for 1 day only and are based on what you tell us you have.