What We Do

·        We are your one stop service for all of your recycling needs-
Scrap Metals and more
·        From the General Contractor to the Fortune 500 company
·        We always look for new materials to pull out of the waste stream
·        We will tailor our process to your operation to maximize recycling, recovery, efficiency and revenue generation

·        We Pay competitive prices on
o   Metals – Ferrous-scrap steel, cast iron, appliances, vehicles
o   Metals – Non-ferrous- copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel
·        We accept/pay for Cardboard and Paper products

  • Electronic Scrap !
·        Recycle Plastics-Please contact for types and quantities
·        We’re Always looking for new materials to recycle


·    We provide onsite consulting and analysis and inventory liquidation
·        Certified scales to quantify recovery of each specific material
·        Recycled materials quantity breakdown by weight/volume per material
·        Generate revenue for single stream waste recovery
·        We provide container services and/or will accept drop off
·        On-site deconstruction and material removal
·        Don’t throw money and valuable commodities into a hole in the ground

  • Get Paid on the spot!

·        Join us in the need to recycle.  The time is NOW!
·        You will help the environment and your bottom line
  • Contact us today at (336) 272-3820 or