How To Sell Catalytic Converters

We've noticed a gradual increase in the numbers of catalytic converters we buy and with that increase we've noticed more and more people are unaware of how to properly prepare converters for sale.

Cats, as they're referred to in the biz, are an unusual creature in that one cannot determine their condition (value) until you look inside. The value of a used converter can be greatly affected by the condition of the engine of the car it was installed on. Leaded gas, fuel additives and poorly tuned engines can destroy the contents of a catalytic converter so they must be examined before they can be priced. Even a new appearing converter is sometimes empty of the Platinum and other valuable metals it once contained. In order to look inside you must cut the exhaust pipes as close to the converter as possible.

Caution: If you spill the contents of the converter then it becomes nothing more than the lowest grade of scrap steel worth maybe a couple of Dollars vs. the many dollars an intact catalytic converter might bring the seller. Always carry your converters flat.

We'll be happy to buy your used converters but we cannot price them until we examine them. Prices vary greatly depending on type, aftermarket converters are worth less than OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and damaged converters-- even those with damage you might not see-- are worth less.

And finally, NC state law requires we copy your state issued ID, get thumb prints and photograph or video everyone who sells us converters. No ID = No pay.